About John D. Seaman

John D SeamanI am a former DEA agent with over twenty five years of law enforcement experience. I retired in 2005, and then from January 2012 through October 2013, I worked as a private contractor for the Department of Justice Legal Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, as a Senior Police Advisor.

I was assigned to the Special Cases Committee, which was a U.S. and Afghan effort to encourage the Afghan government to prosecute high level corrupt officials. My task was to conduct an investigative analysis of the relevant case files of the Americans’ Afghan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC), DEA Kabul Country Office, the Afghan Sensitive Investigative Unit (SIU), and the Afghan Financial Investigative Team (FIT). The purpose of the exercise was to determine whether the cases met U.S. and Afghan evidentiary standards, and if the targets of the investigations could be prosecuted in U.S. or Afghan criminal courts. Two of the principal DEA cases were the Kabul Bank investigation and the investigation of the Taliban Senior Leadership (TSL) and Heads of the Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs).John D Seaman in Uniform

This book is unique in that its one of the few books that provides an accurate analysis regarding U.S. Counter Narcotics and Counter Corruption policies in Afghanistan from a law enforcement perspective. I hope you enjoy the read and appreciate the efforts and sacrifices by the DEA and U.S. Military in carrying out their missions in countering the corruption-narco-terror nexus in Afghanistan.

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